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Non-Filed Tax Returns

The IRS Will Find Non-filers

The IRS has a massive computer center which is quite sophisticated. One of its jobs is to find people who have not filed their tax returns. It is just a matter of time before they catch up with non-filers. The IRS is becoming very good at finding non-filers.

Some people simply do not take the idea of taxation very seriously. Some believe that we are over-taxed or they take the gamble that they won’t get caught.

They may not have found you yet, but sooner or later they will. If you don’t file a tax return, the IRS can do so for you, this is called “substitute for return”.

Haven’t Filed Your Tax Returns?

There are people who just don’t know how to fill out their tax return, or don’t file for financial reasons because they believe that they will owe the IRS. Maybe they had incomplete records or did not have the money to pay at the time. Whatever the reason filing your taxes and getting caught up with unpaid back taxes should be the highest priority.

We can help you resolve any past issues, file your back taxes and work with the IRS to resolve the matter. We will work on your behalf to minimize your back tax debt and any penalties associated with your failure to file. Getting caught up on back taxes is the first step. If you voluntarily file your delinquent returns you will likely avoid further problems. The IRS will not allow you to use other tax debt relief options available to you, for example, an Offer in Compromise or Installment Agreement until your back taxes are filed.

Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve by helping you get in compliance with the law.

If the IRS files your returns for you, they will do so in the best interest of the government, most likely you will owe taxes, interest and penalties. This will usually mean that you will likely get none of the deductions you are entitled to.
At Fajardo & and Associates, we will get to work on your behalf to reduce your debt once we calculate how much is owed.

Voluntary Disclosure Policy

  • This policy allows taxpayers to avoid action by the IRS by submitting their missing returns. All unfiled tax returns must be fully accurate to avoid further action by the IRS. We, at Fajardo & Associates can complete your back taxes for you.
  • Voluntarily inform the IRS of your failure to file and let them know that your income was earned from legal sources.
  • File a correct tax return, make full payment and make the necessary disclosures as necessary

Remember, the IRS uses the computer matching and software programs to locate non-filers. The IRS Information Reporting System (IRP) matches W-2’s and 1099’s to the tax documents submitted.
We have experienced professional to complete your back taxes and act on your behalf before the IRS. Don’t handle it alone!

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